The Magic Begins!

My book is humming along beautifully!  Thanks to all who’ve been checking in with me online, and off.  Still working on a block of text that will become chapters 5-7 (thought 5 was done, turns out I’m still messing with it) – but it’s shaping up nicely and I’m thrilled with how it’s reading.

This is the part of the story where my characters enter the parallel world.  (Don’t think that gives too much away … it is a fantasy novel after all … parallel worlds are par for the course.)  It’s also the only part of the book I hadn’t yet “imagined”.  Obviously I knew the basic plot points that needed to be hit, but the devil (or perhaps magic!) is in the details.  Think how different Harry Potter would be if J.K. Rowling hadn’t taken time to imagine Diagon Alley.

The kids are at the cottage with my sister for a few days, and Mudman (my other half, so nicknamed because he is usually found plowing through the muck in his Jeep or dirt bike) is camping.  So until Sunday it’s just me, the cats and my MacBook Pro.

I can’t wait for you to read it – you’re gonna love it!

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