Republic of Doyle Limerick

April is poetry month, and I feel I should honour it some way. But I’m certainly no poet (and trust me, I know it), so I’ll offer you a limerick today.


 There once was a guy named Jake Doyle,

Against bad guys he daily did toil.

He got kicked in the dirt,

Liked to take off his shirt,

And Malachy’s blood he did boil.


If you want to read the work of genuine Newfoundland poets, I recommend “The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Poetry” … or Google.

And if you haven’t discovered Republic of Doyle yet, you’re in for a treat.  Episodes are available online.

8 comments on “Republic of Doyle Limerick

  1. cute… love the take off his shirt line. Oh, but I LOVE it when he takes off his shirt. Thanks for the visual, you made my day!

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