About the Book

The Nature Knights: Crossing the Rubicon is an upper Middle Grade fantasy (for children aged 10+) that tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who join together in search of a cure for a disease that has infected both of their worlds. Average boy Eric Archer, is swept into the parallel and magical word of Clancy Donovan, a child warrior with the power to control fire. In their quest for a cure they battle dragons, evil hags and iron birds of prey.

With a setting inspired by the middle ages and an underlying environmental theme The Nature Knights is in essence, a medieval Narnia meets Hoot.

To cross the Rubicon means to pass the point of no return and is a direct reference to Julius Caesar crossing the river Rubicon in Italy in 49BC, an act which effectively declared war on the Romans. Once on Roman soil Caesar said  ales iacta est, meaning the die is cast or, there’s no turning back.

Although my novel is set on the island of Newfoundland, Canada the protagonist Eric Archer, also crosses a river known as The Rubicon. In doing so he enters the magical world of Clancy Donovan and quickly realizes that there is no turning back. On a literal level, the portal that transports him to the fantasy world collapses destroying his means of returning to his home in Paladin Passage. However, on a more figurative level Eric knows he can’t go home without a cure for the disease. Nor can he go back to being the person he was before his adventure. And he doesn’t want to.

9 comments on “About the Book

  1. I can not wait to read it! Actually, i can not wait to walk into Chapters, pick up your book and tell randomn strangers: “this is my friend, you should buy this too!” :o)

  2. Good luck with this, Valerie. I look forward to following your progress and eventually reading the finished product.

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